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Professional Supplement Lines Offered

Standard Process Whole-Food Supplements

MediHerb Supreme Quality Herbal Supplement Support

Nutri-Spec Probiotics

Modere Liquid Collagen

ChiroThin Nutraceutical Supplements

Biotics Research Supplements

There’s a holistic synergy with implementing high-quality supplement and herbal products to support our patients and entire family on the journey to optimal health.

Our Supplement selections are used to further support Chiropractic and Nutrition.

Supplements used offer support and help to rebalance one's overall health and bridge the gap in nutrients deficiencies.

10 and 21 & 28 Day Detox Programs are offered - Complete with products, educational material, recipes and support.

Add on a personal coaching session for a more personalized program and support throughout the program.

Supplement Support and Nutritonal Work together with me programs:

14 week bio-individual 1-1 Coaching Program $679 (does not include lab fees or supplements)

14 week supportive coaching program:

  • 90 minute Initial Consultation in person or via Zoom to review health history (paperwork to be filled out ahead of session), discuss goals, food log review, lab results information provided if available or at later session.
  • Develope a whole food wellness plan & protocol - supportive supplements
  • System Body Burden Questionnaire reviewed + food & mood journals
  • Weekly coaching calls (30 minutes)
  • Digestive and Blood Sugar reset and balancing prioritized
  • Follow up lab work session if needed
  • Text or email message support for quick questions
  • Education support material, meal plan support, recipes, and guidance
  • 15% off wellness supplements from dispensary

This program combines holistic nutrition support layed out for your individual nutritional needs. Health coaching for accountability and support during the lifestyle change process.

Best for clients new to wanting to change the way they eat, need guidance and support with health related goals, needing a change in the healthcare traditional process, have weight-loss goals, or those needing additional support through the behavior change process.

The 90 minute Nutrition Coaching Session only $199

  • 90 minute Initial Consultation (In person or Zoom)
  • Session to discuss goals, lab results, and have wellness plan laid out
  • Health history, food log and System Body Burden Questionnaire
  • Health plan includes supportive foods & supplements
  • $89 follow-up sessions, booked as needed

This program is ideal for the rule follower who Is no stranger to implementing change when given guidance and protocol